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Ichibankao ex-21

There’s a thunderstorm here so I thought I would open my curtains to watch and write a blog post. I absolutely love rain and thunderstorms! Let us hope that the power stays on. (Ah, Foreshadowing…see below.)

Today I am delighted to show you the Suqqu EX-21 Murasakisuishou Eyeshadow Quad that is Limited Edition for Fall 2014. This palette is still available on the Ichibankao website, click here for reference: http://www.ichibankao.com/Pages/suqqu.aspx. I am not affiliated, its just for your convenience, yada yada. You can also purchase Suqqu from Selfridges, I would call them instead of looking online, often they will have limited editions at the counters versus online. Here are the phone numbers: 0800 123 400 within the UK and +44 113 369 8040. On a side note, that +44 country code reminds me of the time before I left the US for graduate school in Scotland, I had to write down in detail how to call me from the States for my parents. I think I was there for 3 months before they learned how to call out properly!

Back to Suqqu, my lovely husband heard me jabbering about the Suqqu Fall 2014 launch and he sneakily called the Suqqu counter at Selfridges and ordered a TON of stuff for me for my birthday! The EX-21 Murasakisuishou palette is one of them…the others are the Suqqu 01 Toutouseki (click for my review) and others are on their way to me: 02 Kinshiseki and 03 Aoruri (the trios), Blend Eyeshadow Color #10 Kozuecha and the Eyebrow Pen in Brown. I will definitely be reviewing those as they come in. Also check out my review on Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #16 Hanashoubu.

Ex-21 Murasakisuishou is a lovely collection of different shades of pink, gold, purple and brown.


Its 18 hours later…our power went out until 2am! Thats what I get for tempting fate. Without further ado:

suqqu ex-21 boxSuqqu ex-21 case closedSuqqu ex-21 back box

Suqqu ex-21 open

suqqu ex-21 closeup

I love the split pan idea…you get 8 eyeshadows instead of 4, and you can achieve even more looks by blending the colors together. Its such great value for money, which is an excellent thing as these do not come cheap. On Ichibankao its 8800 Japanese Yen plus shipping (which runs almost 100 USD) and on Selfridges its 45 GBP plus shipping (about 100 USD also).

Below I will show you the swatches so that you can see the colors better, and also see how fun it is to mix them.

suqqu ex-21 closeup numbered

Suqqu ex-21 shade 1 wristShades 1a and 1b are my definite favorites in this palette. I love the pink and gold and the blend color 1a+1b is such a beautiful peach!! Makes me sigh with happiness.

suqqu ex-21 shade b wristShade 2a leans more peachy/bronze and it is also one of my favorite shades. 2b is a medium purple/taupe. When 2a and 2b are mixed, you achieve a beautiful medium purple peachy taupe shade. It is stunning!

Suqqu ex-21 shade 3 wristHere we come to the shades in this palette that I haven’t used yet. Simply because they are quite dark and I’ve been shying away from darker colors lately. I’ve just been in a light, natural mood I guess. That being said, these are still very pretty colors, look at 3a+3b, its a very dark brown with slight shimmer, and although the photo doesn’t show it you can see hints of blue and light brown. Another plus for the famed Suqqu blendability. If I ever get around to using these colors, it would be blended out along the lashline as a soft smoky eyeliner look.

Suqqu ex-21 shade 4 wristLast but not least, we have some very light pink and beige shades that are nice for a wash of color before applying the other shadows, or under the brow bone as a highlight. You can also use this as an inner corner highlight which I have done below. I also think the gorgeous gold shade 1b would be perfect in the inner corner. I have mainly used 4a and 4b to prime the lid for the other eyeshadows.

So as you can see, the shades in this palette are beautiful and versatile. Not to mention (again!) the amazing buttery soft formulation and insane blendability. I only had to swatch these once and the color payoff was amazing! I’ve decided to show you two looks from this palette. Although they are very similar, the first look has more purple and the second is more peach.

First look (Shade 4a as a wash of color over the lid and under brow bone, 4b lightly in inner corner, 1a on lid, 2a+2b in crease and along lower lashline, 2b as eyeliner) :

Suqqu Ex-21 eyes open 2Suqqu ex-21 eyes closed 2Suqqu ex-21 eyes leftSuqqu ex-21 eyes right

Look 2 (4a as wash of color on lids and inner corner highlight, 1a+1b on lid, 2b in crease and outer lower lashline, 1b inner lower lashline, 2b as eyeliner) :

Suqqu ex-21 look 2 eyes open 2Suqqu ex-21 look 2 eyes closedSuqqu ex-21 look 2 eyes leftSuqqu ex-21 look 2 eyes right

One of things I love most about Suqqu is how easy it is to slap on the eyeshadow and go, which I mentioned before in the Suqqu 01 Toutouseki post. This palette is no exception. Once I got past the knowledge that I was going to ruin the beautiful pristine palette by mixing the shades, it was easy to apply. Although it was counter-intuitive using Ex-21 because there were double the normal shades. I didn’t really know where to start! But its actually very easy once you get going. If I decide to do a more dramatic look with shades 3a and 3b, I will post it here with an update. Sorry these 2 looks were similar…I’m boring these days!!

Hope this review was helpful and let me know if you have EX-21 or other Suqqu palettes that you love! Have a great day!