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Finally I have decided to take the plunge into the land of Burberry Eyeshadow singles. I have literally been putting various shades in and out of my online shopping carts for at least a year. I’ve never bought them though and I don’t know why! I am obsessed with their quads! I guess I find it harder to purchase singles because it feels like less bang for your buck and its also easy to pair eyeshadows together in a cohesive look with a quad, trio or duo. But I am very glad I purchased these two shades, No. 21 Midnight Brown and No. 22 Pale Barley.

Burberry Eyeshadows BoxesBurberry Eyeshadows Labels BoxesI love the packaging, the pale tan is very true to the Burberry aesthetic and the boxes are heavy. There is a definite feeling of luxuriousness to these…and materialistic as that is, I fall for it every time. The boxes open to house the eyeshadows in a velvet pouch with the Burberry check pattern on both the pouch and the case.

Burberry Pale Barley Box OpenBurberry Pale Barley Box PouchBurberry Midnight Brown Box Pouch

Burberry Midnight Brown BoxThe case also features the Burberry check pattern on its front in metallic grey and black. The closure is magnetic which I enjoy and personally feel adds to the clean lines but I’ve heard some bloggers have issues with the magnetic closure being faulty. Mine were ok but I am having to exchange Midnight Brown because it had been dropped in transit and the eyeshadow fell out of the pan. Boo. Now, on to the actual eyeshadows because thats what we are here for!

Pale Barley:

Burberry Pale Barley OpenBurberry Pale Barley CloseupMidnight Brown:

Burberry Midnight Brown OpenBurberry Midnight Brown Closeup

Wrist Swatch: (Pale Barley on the left, Midnight Brown on the right)

Burberry Pale Barley and Midnight Brown wrist swatchPale Barley is a beautiful light tan/taupe color with a gorgeous sheen and Midnight Brown is absolutely stunning, a medium brown with complex micro-fine shimmer particles. I wouldn’t describe these as shimmery…maybe more satin. The quality is just incredible, on par with Suqqu, which in my opinion is the very best. I find these Burberry eyeshadows to be better than Tom Ford and Chanel (also HUGE favorites of mine) in terms of blendability, pigmentation, formulation and ease of application. Seriously…in love. Swoon.

Since its still sunny and 80 degrees here, I’ve decided to do my own version of a rain dance by applying Pale Barley and Midnight Brown in a deliciously grungy British way, to emulate the Burberry aesthetic that I love so much. Side note, I lived in Seattle while studying for my undergraduate degree and my friends always made fun of me for constantly wearing a Burberry scarf. I worked in the cafeteria at college to save up for it and it was like my prized possession. lol. So I’ve always had a long, healthy (albeit expensive!) love affair with Burberry.

For the look below, I used Charlotte Tilbury The Classic Eyeliner in Sophia very lightly all along the upper and lower lashline. I blended this out with a Wayne Goss #20 pencil brush (get this brush its amazing!!!). Then I applied No. 22 Midnight Brown, concentrating the majority of the color on the lashline and sweeping it up slightly to cover my lid. I used a Chanel #2 flat shader brush, I believe its discontinued but a MAC 239 is basically the same brush. I also ran Midnight Brown all along the lower lashline with the Wayne Goss #20 without any precision because I wanted it to be a bit messy. I didn’t go too far with the eyeshadow underneath my eyes because if I go too far it just doesn’t look good on me. Then I applied No. 21 Pale Barley above Midnight Brown in the crease with a Chikuhodo GSN-10, blending it out to a desired affect. I also ran Pale Barley below Midnight Brown on the lower lashline to haze it out. I applied Diorshow Mascara in Black, Clinique Airbrush Concealer in 01 Fair and filled in my brows a bit with Anastasia Beverly Hills Pencil in Caramel. Hope you like it 🙂

Burberry Eyes OpenBurberry Eyes CLosedBurberry Eyes RightBurberry Eyes LeftI really love this look, it was really easy to apply and the colors blended with each other in a very natural way. Midnight Brown is my favorite of the two, I highly recommend it. It would look beautiful with any eye color. I will definitely be purchasing more of these eyeshadows. If you can recommend any other shades, please let me know!

Have a great day and soon to be weekend. 🙂