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Dior Nailpolishes Closeup

These two beauties by Dior, #661 Bonheur and #777 Bloom are my first experience with Dior nail polishes. I’ve heard for years that their formulation is excellent and that the staying power is long. As I mentioned before in my Tom Ford Black Cherry post, nail polish isn’t my favorite item on the menu. But after trying Black Cherry and loving it, I went to the Dior counter and started trying on some nail polishes. At this point I didn’t buy any, because I wanted to see if they stayed on my nails longer than 5 minutes. Here is what I tried on:

Dior Vernis Wonderland Bloom Rouge Rose Tutu Massai

Bloom was my favorite by far but they were out. So I left, went home and was delighted to see that all shades lasted on me longer than a day. Success! I ended up returning to buy Bonheur because it was similar to Bloom however I couldn’t forget that beautiful shade so I ordered Bloom on ebay. Two very similar shades…luckily I love pink nail polish! Here are some photos…again…bad black background!

Dior NailpolishesDior Nailpolishes LabelsDior Nailpolishes Cases

As you can see, Bonheur is the lighter of the two, more of a bubble gum pink while Bloom is a bit darker and has more purple to my eye. After wearing both of these shades for a few days each, I can say without a doubt that Bonheur is more long-wearing due to its gel technology. Which is a shame because Bloom is so beautiful! I have Bloom on right now and it started chipping after a day. Grrrr. But let me say, I was SO impressed with the longevity of Bonheur!!! I have never, ever had a nail polish stay on that long without chipping…3 days. So I will definitely be purchasing more of the Dior Gel nail polishes.

The wand was wider than other nail polishes I own…Tom Ford, OPI, Essie, Chanel. It worried me at first because I have a hard time not getting polish on my skin, but it was amazing. Super easy to apply, mostly without mistakes. The quality of the polish was excellent as well, it was opaque upon one application. I can see why Dior polish is so popular! Without further ado, here we have Bonheur #661 and Bloom #777:

Dior BonheurDior BonheurDior Le Vernis Nail Polish Bonheur 661Bloom #777:

Dior BloomDior Bloom WandDior Le Vernis Nail Polish Bloom 777Hope you enjoyed this post, I am so happy with my two pinky Dior polishes. Bonheur is permanent to my knowledge and I’ve had conflicting statements about Bloom. The counter said more would be coming in, but everywhere else I look, its a limited edition from Spring 2014 Collection. As of posting, Macy’s still has Bloom online. These two shades are amazing and I will be purchasing more…I have my eye on the Holiday collection which is out right now. There is a beautiful gold top coat! Have a great day! πŸ™‚