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We continue with the new Suqqu trios, called Eye Color Palettes. I have already reviewed 01 Toutouseki, and I will be reviewing 03 Aoruri soon. All three palettes are of incredible quality and really beautiful. It really just depends on your color preference as to which palette to choose. The first palette, 01 Toutouseki leans more peach, 02 Kinshiseki is purple/pink and 03 Aoruri is plum/blue.

Today I am going to talk about 02 Kinshiseki, the one I wanted most. I love me some purple!

Suqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Box CloseupSuqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki CaseSuqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Case LabelSame Suqqu packaging as 01 Toutouseki, yada yada.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Open Case

Suqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Closeup

Suqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Wrist

Do you love?? Ahh so pretty!!! The closeup photo of the eyeshadows perfectly shows the stunning duo chrome complexity of these shades.

From the top down:

Shade 1: a pale gold shimmer, I used this for highlighting the inner corner & patting on top of the bottom 2 shades. Its quite sheer and I wish it was a little more pigmented.

Shade 2: A stunning pink shade with shimmer. This is perfect for a lid color but again we have a pigmentation issue, or lack thereof. Its just not pigmented enough for me, which is a shame because it is so stunning. I had to continually apply it to get a nice color going on the lid.

Shade 3: A dark purple with multi-color shimmer. Nice to define the crease and lashline. This shade is more pigmented than the top 2 shades.

All in all, you can achieve quite a nice purple smoky eye that is easily sheered out to a nice hazy graduation of purple. If you like more pigmentation, then perhaps a primer would intensify the colors for you. I used MAC Painterly on the look below to achieve a better color payoff. The middle shade was used on the lid and lower lashline, the bottom dark purple shade used in the crease and outer edge of the lower lashline. Then I used the top gold glitter shade in the inner corner and patted lightly on the center of the lid. I also used Smashbox Always Sharp 3D Liner in Gemstone on the upper lashline. Mascara is the usual Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Eyes OpenSuqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Eyes ClosedSuqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Eyes LeftSuqqu Eye Color Palette 02 Kinshiseki Eyes RightI really like this look, its light and fresh but sophisticated. And a huge plus with these trios is how easy they are to use. Its pretty much foolproof if you need to throw on a pretty look with little time. Just use the middle shades in these trios on the lid, the bottom darker shades in the crease, pat on some of the top glitter shade, mascara and go. 5 minutes. I love it. 🙂

Oh, I am also using the Suqqu brow pen in this look, I’m testing it out but overall I really like it when I want a very defined, perfect brow.

Hope you guys are having a great day! 🙂