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A couple months ago I went on a major Tom Ford kick, right about when Nude Dip and Softcore came out. Usually when I am interested in a product, I will research it to no end. Its only recently in the last couple years that I haven’t done research for graduate school or my job since now I am home with our son, but its ingrained in me to research things to death! So upon researching a good matte eyeshadow, I came across Cocoa Mirage numerous times. And that is how another Tom Ford product found its way into my makeup stash…

Maybe its because I am getting older but matte eyeshadows are more and more appealing to me. I have a few of his quads, Nude Dip, Lavender Lust, Violet Dusk, and Cognac Sable. One of these days I will get around to reviewing Lavender Lust, but its just a softer version of Violet Dusk which is now sadly discontinued. By now I know the quality of Tom Ford’s eyeshadows so I knew Cocoa Mirage would be incredible. I wasn’t disappointed!

TF Cocoa Mirage Box Pouch

TF Cocoa Mirage PouchTF logo cocoa mirageTF Cocoa Mirage OpenTF Cocoa Mirage CloseupAs you can see, same Tom Ford packaging as the rest of his eyeshadows. The shades in Cocoa Mirage are gorgeous matte neutrals. I couldn’t resist testing these shades out before photographing the quad, so there are some thumb prints. I’ve been doing that a lot lately…especially with Tom Ford Platinum and Spice eyeshadows and Black Dahlia lipstick. I still haven’t taken pictures of them yet and I’ve used them a lot!

Top Left: a wonderfully creamy matte bone white shade, really good for underneath the brow bone.

Top Right: a warm light brown matte. I compared this with Urban Decay Naked and Buck and this shade is quite a bit darker although it doesn’t look it in the pan. Might I add, Naked and Buck are two of my favorite matte shades for the crease but upon comparison to this Tom Ford shade, I can really see the intense depth of color while Urban Decay is lighter with a small amount of shimmer.

Bottom Right: A deep matte chocolate brown, this swatched more patchy than the previous shades. Slight criticism here, if I am picky…which I can be!

Bottom Left: Dark brown with reddish brown shimmery undertones. This is the only non-matte shade of the palette. It applies very smoothly, as do all of the shades except the deep matte chocolate brown. Its very beautiful.

From left to right: White matte shade on top left, light brown matte on top right

TF Cocoa Mirage Top 2 wrist

From left to right: Deep Chocolate Matte Brown Bottom Right & Shimmery Brown Bottom LeftTF Cocoa Mirage flash wrist bottom 2Below I used the white shade all over my lid and under my brow bone to even out my lid color and use as a base for the other shadows. Then I applied the light brown color on the top right to my crease and lower lashline. I applied the deep chocolate matte shade very lightly into the outer corner, then I used it as a graphic eyeliner using the ultra teeny Wayne Goss 08 brush. It works extremely well if you want a very small amount of shadow or eyeliner. I finished off this look with Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes Mascara. Its a very natural, easy look that also looks classy and sophisticated.

TF Cocoa Mirage Eyes Open 2TF Cocoa Mirage Eyes ClosedTF Cocoa Mirage Eyes RightTF Cocoa Mirage Eyes LeftOverall, a good matte palette that really strengthens Tom Ford’s reputation for amazing quality. He manages to make matte shadows very easy to apply, very smooth with only a minor amount of patchiness on the deep brown shade. If you are looking for a matte palette, this is one of the best I’ve tried, if not the best. I love the shades, they aren’t too dark for my skin tone and you can build them up if you want more payoff. The shimmery shade also gives it more dimension, you can achieve an intense smoky nighttime look by patting it on the center of the lid or along the lashline.

If you are interesting in my other Tom Ford eyeshadow quad reviews, please click the links that are in the beginning of this post.

Hope y’all are having a great day and I will endeavor to photograph Tom Ford Platinum and Spice eyeshadows as well as Black Dahlia lipstick so I can review them for you soon! 🙂