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Bite Beauty SetI’ve been on a lipstick kick lately and I couldn’t resist this cute little set from Bite Beauty. I already have VIB Rouge from Sephora which is my favorite red lipstick. After seeing all the positive reviews on this set I had to have it! The set costs $25 which I think is a steal for 4 lipsticks (they are mini’s, not full-size fyi). Bite lip products are also handmade and I believe organic which is always a plus.

Bite Beauty Set Case & BoxThe set comes in a little tin can case, it reminds me of the Altoid cases. On a random note, it also reminds me of when my stepdad came home from work one day with an old, rusted tin can like this one that held a old deed to an abandoned gold mine. We lived in Colorado at the time and he was doing environmental consulting, he used to bring home some random stuff! One time he brought home a tiny piece of pure gold! Anyway, the lipsticks fit perfectly into this case, and I just thought it was such cute packaging.

Bite Beauty Set OpenBite Beauty Set 4 lipsticksBite Beauty Set Open Lipsticks

The colors:

Sable: warm pretty peachy nude

Rhubarb:  warm rose plum

Winterberry: cool bright fuchsia pink

Pomegranate: cool reddish pink

Bite Beauty Sable Rhubarb Winterberry Pomegranate Wrist Swatches

Here are the swatches from left to right: Sable, Rhubarb, Winterberry and Pomegranate on the bottom.

And on my lips:


Bite Beauty Sable OpenBite Beauty Sable LipRhubarb:

Bite Beauty Rhubarb OpenBite Beauty Rhubarb LipWinterberry:

Bite Beauty Winterberry OpenBite Beauty Winterberry LipPomegranate:

Bite Beauty Pomegranate OpenBite Beauty Pomegranate Lip

I really love all of the colors, but if asked to pick my favorites I would say Pomegranate, Winterberry, Sable then Rhubarb. I love these because they are easy to apply, very creamy and ultra-pigmented. The bright colors in particular (Winterberry and Pomegranate) look great with a light brown matte eyeshadow in the crease with mascara. Its quick which I love!

Really happy with this purchase, good price and great quality which sadly has not been a trend this Holiday season. Have you tried this set? Do you plan on purchasing it? Its got 5 stars on Sephora and its limited edition. Get it while you can! 🙂

Have a great day!