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Tom Ford Spice Platinum Black Dahlia Box

Tom Ford’s Holiday Collections are always really coveted and this year is no exception. I can’t tell you how many times I refreshed the Tom Ford page that showed the Cream Eyeshadows “Coming Soon”. Eventually I went on Instagram and stalked some Tom Ford addicts and they posted that the Chicago store had the Cream Eyeshadows and Black Dahlia. At this point all of the Matte Lipsticks had come out apart from Black Dahlia (the one I really wanted of course!). I called a salesperson and she sent them out to me that day. I had to pay $15 shipping though so be aware if you order through the Chicago store. Not quite sure why you have to pay for shipping at Chicago because the Dallas store is free shipping, as is the Tom Ford website. Probably because Chicago tends to get beauty products first.

Tom Ford Platinum Spice Black Dahlia Cases

Tom Ford Platinum Spice Black Dahlia Open Cases

I have been waiting to review these products because I wanted to wear them quite a bit and get a feel for them. I couldn’t even wait to photograph them before trying them on! Platinum was the product that I couldn’t decide upon but bought at the last minute. Oddly enough it is my favorite of the three. Funny how that works! Platinum looks very cool-toned in the pan but upon application it leans a lot warmer than you would think. Cool toned platinum/silver metallic shades do NOT work with me (Charlotte Tilbury’s Uptown Girl anyone?) so I was worried it would be a waste of money. Not so! Its really beautiful. So if you like warm toned shadows, you will like Platinum. Below are some photos of Platinum, you can see how silver it looks in the pan.

Tom Ford Platinum Cream Eyeshadow Open CaseTom Ford Platinum Cream Eyeshadow BackTom Ford Platinum Cream Eyeshadow CloseupMy favorite look with Platinum is very simple. I just get a very small amount on my finger, apply it to my lids and lower lashline. Then I use a matte brown (usually a mix of Urban Decay Naked 2 and Faint from the Basics palette) in the crease. Apply mascara, sunscreen, powder, a bright lipstick and I’m out the door. Currently I am wearing Platinum with MAC Speeddial lipstick as a stain, then Tarte LipSurgence in Flush on top. Its so easy! I love it! Below I am wearing Platinum with Bite Beauty Pomegranate from their Bite Beauty Best Bite Holiday 2014 Collection. No face makeup or blush, just super simple.

Tom Ford Platinum Eyeshadow Bite Beauty Pomegranate

Tom Ford Platinum Eyes Open

Tom Ford Platinum Eyes Closed

Tom Ford Platinum Eyes LeftTom Ford Platinum Eyes RightSpice is a lot warmer than Platinum, on me it almost had a copper undertone. Not sure if this applies to everyone. Just a caveat, Spice arrived defective, the consistency is very oily and it slides around in the container whereas Platinum was more of a genuine mousse texture. I am currently getting a replacement but I wanted to show you the color of Spice on the eyes. Since its defective, you will see crease marks from it being so oily. **edit** I have since received my replacement. It still slides around in the jar but not as bad as the first. It also didn’t crease as bad. I will try it with a primer but my favorite is still Platinum. Spice would look incredible on medium, tan and dark skins!

Tom Ford Spice Cream Eyeshadow Case OpenTom Ford Spice Cream Eyeshadow OpenTom Ford Spice Cream Eyeshadow BackTom Ford Spice Cream Eyeshadow Eyes OpenTom Ford Spice Cream Eyeshadow Eyes ClosedTom Ford Spice Cream Eyeshadow Eyes LeftTom Ford Spice Cream Eyeshadow Eyes RightAnd finally, the item I was most excited about…Black Dahlia.

Tom Ford Black Dahlia Case OpenTom Ford Black Dahlia CloseupTom Ford Black Dahlia Case TF LogoTom Ford Black Dahlia Lip Case Logo Unfortunately I am disappointed which is why I have taken awhile to write this post. I wanted to see if I was in a bad mood the day I tried it on and maybe it influenced my thoughts. To date I have worn it about 5-6 times and my feelings on Black Dahlia have remained the same. I just don’t care for it. First of all, your lips have to be in absolutely perfect shape in order to wear this shade. The dark color of the lipstick sticks to any imperfections. I also found it very difficult to build up into an intense dark lip, it looked a bit patchy. When I tried to use it with a lip brush, the color would not stay on my lips, it got dragged around by the lip brush. I tried a different lip brush but to no avail. The only way I like this lipstick is as a light stain. In fact, it is absolutely stunning as a stain. But anything more than that, it looks like a hot mess and I spend a further 10 minutes trying to fix it. Just a side note, I have a few dark lipsticks from cheaper brands and they aren’t as finicky as Black Dahlia. Below I will show you a stain and a dark lip (worn with Spice eyeshadow). The dark lip is a cell phone pic so the colors aren’t as vibrant but you get the idea I hope.

Tom Ford Black Dahlia Lip StainTom Ford Spice Black DahliaFinal thoughts, I was a bit underwhelmed by these products. Platinum is my favorite, I think it brings a nice lightness to the eyes and it is very quick and easy. I have reserved judgment about Spice until my replacement arrives but I can say that I really like the color. Black Dahlia was my biggest disappointment. I have one other Tom Ford lip product, Quiver, and I absolutely love it. So I had high expectations for Black Dahlia. Unfortunately it was not to be. I am considering trying Pink Tease because I love the color but we will see.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Do you have different feelings about these products, especially Black Dahlia? I’ve heard great reviews about the matte formulation. Maybe Black Dahlia is just really hard to work with and the other shades are very easy. Its entirely possible that the Tom Ford addicts are going to chase after me screaming “blasphemy!!!”. 🙂

Have a great Friday!