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Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel PaletteI hope all my Americans out there had a great Thanksgiving! You know its good when you gain weight. I personally gained 3 lbs. Time to go back to my diet!

Today I would like to talk about the most exciting Holiday 2014 beauty product I have tried thus far. And one of the most surprising because although I have tons of Charlotte Tilbury products that I really enjoy, her eyeshadows aren’t ones I reach for constantly. I found the formulation to be sub-par to my other eyeshadow favorites so they are for the days I am feeling bored and adventurous. I was going to skip this palette, called “Fallen Angel”, but after reading a few online reviews in particular Sara from ColorMeLoud’s review here, I decided to try this out. I am so glad I did! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Squeal and jump up and down love it! Yay!!

As you can see in the above photo, the case comes decorated with cute little stars, very festive.

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel OpenCharlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel CloseupCharlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel CLoseup 2And look at the stars on the eyeshadows, I just love it. They do fade quickly after use, I’ve used mine 3 times now and they are probably halfway gone. Another minor gripe is that this cost $65 for 2.8g whilst her regular eyeshadows are $52 for 5.2g. Less product for more money, although since the packaging is the same size you wouldn’t know it until you checked out the weight. This does suck because Fallen Angel’s formulation is MUCH better than her regular eyeshadow. However, this is sometimes the case with Holiday Limited Editions so I’m not too upset about it.

The Colors:

Shade 1 (Top Left): Champagne Shimmer

Shade 2 (Top Right): Taupe Shimmer

Shade 3 (Bottom Left): my favorite of the palette, a gorgeous Bronze Shimmer

Shade 4 (Bottom Right): Black Satin/Matte. I’ve heard this described as matte but I detected a bit of shimmer in the pan, you can see this shimmer in the closeup photo above. On the eye though it came out more matte, and its really lovely to define the eye.

Wrist Swatches:

Top Row (Champagne Shimmer on Left, Taupe Shimmer on Right); Bottom Row (Bronze Shimmer on Left, Matte/Satin Black on Right):

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Wrist swatchesThis look below was just a very quick look I did after I received Fallen Angel in the mail. I had on Tom Ford Platinum all day, and I thought it would be nice as a base for this palette. So I just applied the shadows over Platinum and it works great as a primer for these shadows if you need one. I’ve also tried these shadows with no primer, and they worked absolutely beautifully. Just a great formula! You can use these wet or dry. I’m not a big fan of using my eyeshadows wet, I am always afraid of ruining the eyeshadow by getting it wet and I often will just use a metallic cream eyeshadow if I want that wet eyeshadow effect.

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Eyes Open 2Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Eyes ClosedCharlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Eyes LeftCharlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Eyes RightFor this look I used the champagne shimmer all over my lids as a shimmery base color. Then I used the taupe shade on top of the champagne to layer and give some depth. The taupe shade also went all along my lower lashline. Then I added the bronze shade slightly into the crease and along the outer half of my lower lashline. For the black matte/satin shade, I used a small brush (Wayne Goss 07) to define my lashline and feather it upwards for a softer look. Finally I applied Mascara (Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill) and voila! It was very easy and the colors blend so perfectly together. If you are ho-hum about the holiday selections out there, get your hands on this! You won’t be disappointed. I love the colors, blendability is awesome, and the finish is perfect.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Holiday, and a great weekend. 🙂