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Today I received the much anticipated Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alexander in the mail. For those that aren’t already aware (and there probably aren’t many of you!), this is the Limited Edition Holiday Lipstick Collection comprising 50 miniature lipsticks, some are re-promotes with different names and some are entirely new. Lips and Boys are 2g whilst the regular size is 3g. For swatches and photos of all 50 shades, check out Temptalia’s post here. I also mentioned Tom Ford Lips and Boys in my Christmas Wish List 2014.

By the way, I love Tom Ford online packaging. Its always done so immaculately. Upon opening the package, my first thoughts were, “Wow that is teeny!!”. I knew it would be smaller than his regular size lipsticks but I was still a little surprised.  I immediately took some photos then wore it for lunch. I will share my thoughts after the photos. 🙂

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alexander BoxSame packaging as his regular size lipsticks, just smaller!

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alexander vs Tom Ford Black Dahlia BoxComparison between Alexander (Left) and Black Dahlia (R) in their boxes

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Case vs Tom Ford Black Dahlia CaseIn their cases: Alexander (Left) and Black Dahlia (Right). Apologies for the flashback.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alexander OpenAlexander in natural light

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alexander Open FlashAlexander in flash

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Alexander Wrist SwatchAlexander Wrist Swatch

Tom Ford Lips Boys Alexander LipOn the lips!

Upon first applying this lipstick, I was again surprised. Unfortunately there weren’t any swatches online so I went off faith that this was a gorgeous natural pink that suited my skin tone. Its actually a bubble-gum, 1960s matte pink. I wasn’t that into it at first. But it toned down after a few minutes and actually looked quite nice. I think this shade would be really pretty with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette if it was applied lightly and perhaps with clear lip gloss over it if you aren’t into matte lipsticks. It lasted through an unforgiving Mexican Food lunch with drinks. However, it did feel a bit drying and uncomfortable about an hour after application. On the plus side, it did act as a stain. I found this out because I forgot I had on lipstick and I kissed my little boy on the cheek, luckily no lipstick came off on him.

This is a cute size for traveling for sure. I am slightly underwhelmed because I don’t live near a Tom Ford counter and I wasn’t able to swatch this. I would have preferred a glossy finish with a more natural pink, but I can get used to this. Maybe Tom Ford lipsticks and I don’t mesh well. Or maybe I just don’t mesh well with matte lipsticks!

I am going to wear this more and report back. I wanted to post this as soon as possible though because I know a lot of people are looking for swatches and reviews. Hope y’all are having a great day!!