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red lipsticksSince its the holidays (yay!), I thought I would write about my favorite red lipsticks. Some are easy to apply, some are more difficult but they all achieve that gorgeous red lip. My favorite way to wear red lipstick is with a simple eye. These days I am fond of wearing Tom Ford Platinum with a thin line of YSL Bronze Black Eyeliner and pairing it with any of these lipsticks below. This look is perfect for the holidays when you want to feel glamorous, especially when paired with a bit of sparkle on the eye. My current favorite for that added sparkle is Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Initiation. But back to the red lips!

Without further ado…

NARS Jungle Red LiplinerNARS Jungle Red Lipliner Open

NARS Jungle Red Lipliner wrist

NARS Jungle Red Lipliner LipsNARS Jungle Red Lipliner, $22. I love wearing this on its own, its great for a matte effect and it does not budge. Its a little drying but nothing I can’t handle. Its a nice classic red liner, I wear it with pretty much all of my red lipsticks.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle 19 Case

Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle 19 Open

Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle 19

Chanel Gabrielle Lips redo

Chanel Rouge Coco #19 Gabrielle, $35. If you are wanting a chic, glamorous, classic red to blue-red lipstick, this it it. The quality and pigmentation are incredible! Not to mention its very long lasting. I love the shape of Chanel’s lipstick bullets, they seem to work well for me in applying the color as evenly as possible. Rouge Coco is a moisturizing formula, so although you get the benefit of making your lips feel great, I have to say it is difficult to control. I would suggest using a lip brush or else it can easily go over your natural lipline. However, if you want to feel luxurious this is an excellent choice. Love it!

YSL Glossy Stain 11 CaseYSL Glossy Stain 11 Open

YSL Glossy Stain 11 wrist

YSL Glossy Stain 11 lipsYSL Glossy Stain #11 Rouge Gouache, $35. I usually wear this Glossy Stain over an existing lipstick because its difficult to get an opaque red lip without help. Its very much like a lacquer, and it gives a sexy glossy look. The high gloss does settle down to more of a satin finish after about 30 minutes. If you just want a hint of red without it being so in your face, this is a great choice. This lipstick does have a strong scent but I don’t find it to be too unpleasant. The applicator is also very interesting, its a bent, arrow-shaped, doe-foot applicator that is excellent for precision.

MAC Damn Glamourous CaseMAC Damn Glamourous OpenMAC Damn Glamorous wristMAC Damn Glamorous lipsMAC Damn Glamorous, $16. This lovely color is a serious pop of neon red matte lips. I swatched Damn Glamorous and Rubywoo in the store because I couldn’t decide which one to buy. I was surprised to see that Damn Glamorous was even more blue toned than Rubywoo! It is very, very bright and matte. I wore it to dinner the next day and it stayed on fairly well even after eating and drinking (pictured below before going out).

mac damn glamorous

The picture doesn’t capture how neon red this lipstick is but I promise you, if you want a retro matte bright blue-toned red lipstick, you won’t be disappointed in Damn Glamorous! This lipstick is slightly drying but its pretty good for a matte formulation, and I found that it was more moisturizing than other matte lipsticks I own.

NARS Majella Case

NARS Majella OpenNARS Majella wrist NARS Majella lips 2NARS Majella Satin Lip Pencil, $25. This is the darkest red lipstick of the bunch. The finish is satin as the name suggests, and its quite creamy and hydrating. Its hard to control without a lipliner but I love the color! It does tend to accentuate any lip imperfections though so make sure you exfoliate. My favorite way to wear NARS Majella is with YSL Glossy Stain on top. It also works wonderfully with Tom Ford Nude Dip eyeshadow, reviewed here. This red shade approaches a darker wine red with slightly warm undertones but not enough that I can’t wear it. Its very beautiful and perfect for Fall and Winter.

Bite Beauty VIB Rouge CaseBite Beauty VIB Rouge Open

Bite Beauty VIB Rouge wrist

Bite Beauty VIB Rouge lips 2

Bite Beauty VIB Rouge, $28.00. I debated on whether to include this lipstick because its only for VIB Rouge members from Sephora and its just plain mean to dangle the carrot but its incredible and needs to be mentioned! I was obsessed with this lipstick for months, I received a sample when I became a VIB Rouge member and promptly bought 2 full sized lipsticks as backups. Bite Beauty says this is matte but I find it to be more matte to satin. Its quite moisturizing and it has decent longevity. Some lipsticks make a fairly unattractive stain after the product has been wiped off from normal daily wear, eating or drinking, but this lipstick leaves the most gorgeous stain! This particular shade of red is very brightening, I would call it a classic red but I can see this flattering and brightening all skin tones. Definitely a must if you are VIB Rouge! The almost 5 star reviews on Sephora pretty much validate my obsession. 🙂

And finally, I wanted to swatch all of these red lipsticks on my wrist so you can see them side by side.

Red lipsticks wristHope you enjoyed this red lipstick extravaganza and please let me know if any of these are your favorites! Have a great day and I hope your holidays are going well! 🙂