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Things have been a bit quiet lately for me on the blog. I haven’t been in a beauty mood for some reason. I think its because I have so much makeup that its like trying to decide what you want in a huge candy store and I am having a lack of inspiration. First World Problems..

Continuing the theme of lipstick obsession, for this post I wanted to talk about Charlotte Tilbury’s Mini Lipstick Charms. I had been eyeing this ever since it came out for the Holiday 2014 Collection but I felt it was too expensive for the minimal amount of product ($39). Luckily, I received it in my Beautylish Lucky Bag, reviewed here. These cute little things are essentially sample-sized at 1g/0.04oz each. They are teeny! However if you have been wanting to try out Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and you are far from a CT counter, I think this is a great way to give them a go.

Charlotte TIlbury Mini Lipstick Charms Box

They come in a cute little package which contains three different shades: Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect and So Marilyn.

Charlotte TIlbury Mini LIpstick Charms 3 cases

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms LabelsI love the little stars on the bullets and the ribbons to tie them onto a pocket in your handbag.

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms Open CasesFrom left to right: Penelope Pink, So Marilyn and Bitch Perfect

Lets delve into the shades!

Penelope Pink is a gorgeous, gorgeous slightly pinky nude. This is my favorite of the entire set. I have forever searched for the perfect nude lipstick and this shade is. so. good. I will definitely be purchasing a full-size!

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink Mini Lipstick CharmsCharlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink lips

Bitch Perfect can also be considered a nude, especially on those with darker skin than me. Its a pretty pinky nude but it leans a little too warm for my taste. I have Bitch Perfect as a full-size lipstick (size comparison…mini is 1g, full is 3g) and although the shade isn’t quite right, I use it a lot. Mostly as a base with a cooler pink on top. It works beautifully as a base for Tom Ford Alexander, reviewed here.

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Mini Lipstick CharmCharlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect lipsFinally, we have the obligatory holiday red lipstick, So Marilyn. This is a classic red that looks good on both warm and cool skin tones. I really like the color of this one, if I had it before my Red Lipstick post, it would have gone in as a favorite. If I didn’t have way too many red lipsticks already, this would be purchased in a full-size as well.

Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn Mini Lipstick CharmCharlotte Tilbury So Marilyn lips

And of course, wrist swatches from Left to Right: Penelope Pink, So Marilyn & Bitch Perfect

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink So Marilyn Bitch Perfect

Now lets talk texture, quality, pigmentation and longevity…essentials for any good lipstick. These are good. In all of the categories. As I’ve mentioned before, Charlotte Tilbury is a bit hit or miss for me, I have a problem with the marketing and grandiose claims about her products, but on some things she really delivers. Her lipsticks are one of those things. Along with the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, Magic Cream and Fallen Angel Palette. (Of course, this is all my subjective opinion…everyone has different tastes). These lipsticks feel incredible on the lips, very creamy and moisturizing. Easy to apply, they glide on effortlessly and the pigmentation is such that it takes one swipe and you have solid payoff. The longevity is excellent as well, they set and stay for hours. I definitely recommend these lipsticks, the quality is excellent for the price ($32 for full-size). I am waiting for her Matte Revolution lipsticks to hit the USA…hopefully that will happen soon.

I hope you guys have a good week, Monday tomorrow…yuck! I still have to post my thoughts on Tom Ford Alasdhair which arrived weeks ago. Are there any new products you guys are excited to try out? I’ve been looking at the Hourglass Modernist Infinity Palette, the NARS Dual Intensity Palette, Chanel La Romanesque Lipstick and the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars On the Go in Rebel Without A Cause. 🙂

Ciao ciao!