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First off, sorry I haven’t been posting lately! I have been so busy that the blog has suffered, but I am active on Instagram more often these days because its so quick and thats all I have time for, so please follow me there if you wish, at venusintheshell.

Today I wanted to move away from my recent lipstick obsession (which continues, oh it continues) to something I often neglect: eyebrows. My eyebrows are light reddish-blonde and patchy, so I will often just fill in the top part of the arch lightly or run some tinted brow gel through them and call it a day. A defined brow has never been a part of my routine, I also can’t apply brow pencils to save my life. I suppose I enjoy the natural look (or I’m naturally lazy..more likely) so I just haven’t bothered working on my brow game. That has changed with my acquisition of the Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow Pen.

This eyebrow pen has been discussed on Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube Channel and on numerous blogs as a great option for people with sparse brows. Its a very interesting waterproof formula that literally DOES NOT MOVE after its set. The pen comes in two shades: Moss Green, suitable for those who want cooler toned, ashy brows and Brown, suitable for those with warmer colors through their brows. I chose Brown because ashy tones don’t look so great with red eyebrow hair. The pen tip is very tiny and packs a lot of product so its best to work with a slight hand as I find I can overdo it quite easily. I personally think I look strange with dark, defined brows so I just use light strokes to fill in where needed.


Suqqu Brow Pen Nib CloseupSince the pen tip is so small, you can achieve a very lightly filled in look, or build it up for a more intense brow. Below are some swatches on my wrist.Suqqu Brow Pen 02 Brown WristBelow are my natural brows:

Eyebrows No ProductAnd with the Suqqu Brow Pen:

Eyebrows with Suqqu Brow PenI think the difference is really noticeable, I do prefer a lightly filled in brow when I have the time, and if you want a product that won’t move and is very easy to draw on small hairs, this is it. I also suggest the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, I have the shade Blonde, its very intense but if you take off enough product on the back of your hand you can also draw on little brow hairs. On most days however, I only have time to use the Benefit GimmeBrow in Light/Medium, it doesn’t fill in my brows completely but it helps a lot.

Hopefully this review was helpful for the brow-challenged, and those that aren’t…we envy you! Have a lovely day and a great weekend!