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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I’m excited to talk about a very unique green eyeshadow to add to my stash: Tom Ford Raw Jade from his Spring 2015 Collection. Many people have commented on the non-traditional color scheme of this collection when many other companies usually put out pastel colors for Spring. I wouldn’t say this collection is my favorite aesthetically out of all his other collections but I was pleasantly surprised by his Spring 2015 Cream Eyeshadow so I had high hopes for Raw Jade as well.

Tom Ford Raw Jade OpenRaw Jade has two colors which honestly look different swatched and on the eye than in the pan. They can be worn wet or dry, much like Nude Dip although I never tried Nude Dip wet, I found the pigmentation to be enough when used dry. What is so amazing about this duo is that the white highlighter shade transforms the olive green into a vibrant, bright, stunning iridescent green shade. So essentially its 3 colors instead of 2, which I love.

Left shade: A pearly iridescent white with bright minty green undertones

Tom Ford Raw Jade Highlight Shade

Right shade: An olive green with shimmer

Tom Ford Raw Jade Green ShadeNow I would like to show you the difference between these shadows when used wet and dry. The first swatch is the highlighter shade, the middle is the olive green and the far right is the highlighter shade layered on top of the olive green shade to create that gorgeous vibrant green.


Tom Ford Raw Jade wrist swatch dryWet:

Tom Ford Raw Jade Wrist Swatch wetOh my god…that green shade on the right…do you not love? I find these colors to be much more beautiful when used wet, which is not normally my thing as I like a softer look.

I first tried out this duo when I was sick with the stomach flu and I remember my husband liked it but I wore it dry that day. I was on like Day 3 of being sick and I was so tired of looking like I’d just given birth. My skin had no color, nothing. But I don’t really remember what I did. So I tried again and used it wet. I was a little overzealous with the MAC Fix + and ended up not letting the brush dry completely before applying the white shade on my lids, so I have a couple areas where the white shade just kind of clumped. Apologies for that, but its my mistake and doesn’t reflect the quality of the eyeshadow.

Tom Ford Raw Jade Eyes OpenTom Ford Raw Jade Eyes ClosedTom Ford Raw Jade Eyes LeftTom Ford Raw Jade Eyes RightI chose to do a very bright look, but you can easily use this duo to create a darker look. I really liked it, its something that I don’t normally wear and I was a little out of my comfort zone but I wore it anyway and a few people commented that they liked my eyeshadow. I used the olive green in the crease and on the outer lower lash line. Then I used the highlighter shade on the lid and on the lower lash line and inner corner. I used Clinique High Impact Mascara which isn’t a favorite but its the one I grabbed first. I have been using MAC’s Omega through my brows and I absolutely love it! I never thought to use such a cool-toned grayish brown through my brows but I read that redheads should do this from Sali Hughe’s book Pretty Honest. And wow, I’m totally obsessed. That book is amazing by the way!

Anyway I hope you all are having a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, its a special holiday for me because I’m Irish American and I love anything to do with Ireland! So I will celebrate today even if its just writing a blog post about green eyeshadow because thats all I’m going to do, apart from making green cupcakes later. 🙂

Have a great day and drink lots of green beer!