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Oh my gosh…its been ridiculously long since I’ve written a blog post! Life has been hectic and busy, I am 6 months pregnant and we’ve moved, I don’t think I’ve quite recovered since I have to chase after my toddler all day as well. All I want to do is lie on the couch in a moomoo and watch YouTube videos when the day is over. lol. Anyway I am more active on Instagram, my name is venusintheshell if you want to see what makeup endeavors I have been up to.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been SUPER excited about Tom Ford’s Summer Collection, everything in the collection is so gorgeous and the colors are right up my alley. This post begins a series of his Summer Collection. I picked up Pink Glow Palette, Golden Peach Cream/Glitter Shadow, Gold Dust Mini Bronzer and Pink Sand Cream Blush. I will be posting them individually soon, so stay tuned! All that deliciousness was NOT CHEAP but I will gladly dig around in my couch cushions for Tom Ford. This post is on the Pink Glow Eye and Cheek Compact, arguably the most beautiful of the entire collection. The gold packaging is beautiful as well, more opulent and luxurious than the regular brown packaging. Another plus if you are a Tom Ford fan is the white case with white pouch, again it feels more special and modern.

Tom Ford Pink Glow BoxTom Ford Pink Glow PouchI love how big the case is, its heavy and unique to my stash apart from his Summer 2014 Unabashed Palette which featured that intense indigo blue shade. I absolutely loved the bronzer and blush in Unabashed so I was excited to try Pink Glow which has more pink and plum shades.

Tom Ford Pink Glow OpenThe pattern is the same as the Unabashed Palette, again reminds me of Mondrian. I just love these colors, they are so gorgeous and very “English Rose” which is a look I do often. The soft pinks often compliment my cool-toned complexion so I tend to gravitate towards these shades.

Tom Ford Pink Glow CloseupOn the left side of the palette, there are 3 eyeshadow shades. The top shade is a shimmery satin light pink, perfect for highlighting the inner corner. I would say that its a perfect shade to dab some in the center of your lid but the next shade, the gorgeous champagne gold glitter is AWESOME on the lids. Its my favorite Tom Ford glitter shade ever. It seems to be more pigmented than the others I own, and I didn’t experience as much fall out, plus the color is absolutely gorgeous. The last eyeshadow shade on the bottom is a beautiful plummy purple, a nice defining shade but probably dupable if I’m honest. I have many eyeshadows in that color, but the quality of these shadows is incredible as usual. Very creamy, although the plum shade wasn’t as pigmented as I expected. It could have been because I was using a cheap brush though, all my MAC 239’s are dirty and I find them to be the best at packing on color. So maybe next time it will work better with a 239.

Eyeshadow Swatches (left is the light pink, middle is the glitter shade, right is the plum shade):

Tom Ford Pink Glow Eye Colors Wrist

On the right side of the palette are the cheek colors. The top shade is a light shimmery rosy pink, which can be used as either a highlighter or a blush depending on your skin tone. I tried it on as a highlighter and it looked hilariously awful on my fair skin, like I had swiped blush on the high points of my cheeks. Fail! So for me, this works better as a blush. The bottom right shade is a beautiful medium pink, also with shimmer but not as much as the shade on the top right. The effect was similar to Softcore on me but not as dark. I didn’t take pictures of the blush and highlighter on me because I looked horrible due to the highlighter debacle. I haven’t tried them since but maybe I will update this post when I wear it again.

Cheek Swatches (left is the light pink highlighter shade, right is the medium pink blush):

Tom Ford Pink Glow Cheek Colors Wrist

I created two eye looks with this palette. Look 1 is more natural and Look 2, while also natural, uses the plum shade on the center of the lid for more definition.

Look # 1 (Natural Look):

For this look I used the lightest pink shade on the top left as an all over base color for my lids. Then I used a small amount of the plum shade on the bottom left lightly in the crease and underneath my lower lashline. I then applied the glitter shade all over the lid, concentrating on the center of the lid and dabbing the excess onto the inner corner. At this point I looked sort of undone, so I applied Charlotte Tilbury’s The Classic Eyeliner Pencil in Audrey into the roots of my lashes to give me some more definition. For mascara I used L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly in Black, for brows I lightly defined them with Benefit GimmeBrow in Light/Medium and for a final touch, I applied the shade W.O.S. from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette underneath my brow bone.

Tom Ford Pink Glow Look 1 Eyes Open

Tom Ford Pink Glow Look 1 Eyes Closed

Tom Ford Pink Glow Look 1 eyes leftTom Ford Pink Glow Look 1 eyes right

Look #2 (Darker but still natural look):

For this look I used NARS Pro Prime as a primer because I wanted the eyeshadow to be dark. Unfortunately it didn’t really deliver which really disappointed me. I used Colourpop Glow underneath the brows as a highlight and MAC Omega through the brows to give them a bit more shape than just using brow gel. I then applied the plum shade on the lids, Urban Decay Naked and Buck in the crease and lower lashline and used the lightest pink shade in the inner corner. Finally I applied the glitter shade all over the lids and L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara on the lashes.

Tom Ford Pink Glow Look 2 eyes open

Tom Ford Pink Glow Look 2 eyes closedTom Ford Pink Glow Look 2 eyes leftTom Ford Pink Glow Look 2 eyes rightMy final verdict? If you are a Tom Ford collector then don’t miss Pink Glow. If you are worrying that you missed this palette since I’m fairly sure its almost sold out, I think the eyeshadow and blush shades are pretty dupable. The blush shade in Softcore is very similar to the blush shade in Pink Glow, so if you have Softcore you are probably good. I don’t have a blush/highlighter that is similar to the highlighter shade but it was funky on me so no huge loss there, although I need to try it out as a blush, it might be nice. The star of this palette is the glitter shade, its incredible and I’m freaking obsessed! Come to me, glitter friends! The plum shade and the light pink shades are also dupable, some of my Kiko shadows come to mind and they are excellent quality. But there is something special about having all the shades in one palette, and I love collecting these palettes from Tom Ford so I am pretty happy with my purchase.

Do you have Pink Glow? Do you love it? 🙂