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How is everyone on this fine Saturday?? Its raining again after 100 degree heat for the couple weeks. My days are determined by the weather now since I’m 7 months pregnant and bloated and uncomfortable. Heat = cranky as hell and rain = happppppy!! 🙂

Today I am wearing the Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation after testing it out for a few weeks now. I first heard about it from Lisa Eldridge (of course) and it looked very sheer to buildable with good color match on her. That is a recipe for a holy grail foundation for me, so I was very excited to purchase this and try it out. I went to our local mall, got color matched and took it home. My shade is 110 Ivoire C. 110 Ivoire is the lightest shade that they offer and the C indicates a cool-toned complexion. I thought it matched me quite well in the store. They offer Warm, Neutral and Cool shades which is excellent, I hate foundations that only offer pink or yellow shades!

Lancome Miracle Cushion Case

The foundation comes in a round-shaped box with the Lancome logo on it. Its mirrored so it shows fingerprints pretty badly, but to me thats not an issue.

Lancome Miracle Cushion OpenThe compact opens with a push-clasp mechanism that is user-friendly, and includes a mirror and a foundation sponge to apply the product. (More about this sponge later, which became the BANE of my existence..)

Lancome Miracle Cushion Open with Sponge

The cushion foundation in all its glory. The top part where the sponge lies opens up to reveal the very curious cushion sponge. I read on various blogs that its important to keep the sticker that covers the cushion on all of these types of foundations to prevent it from drying out. I would agree!

Lancome Miracle Cushion Finger

So squishy!

Lancome Miracle Cushion Finger CLoseup

In this picture, I barely touched the cushion and my finger was extremely saturated with product. I was quite pleased! Its a bizarre texture, quite springy and squishy to the touch, cold and wet. I really hate getting my hands dirty (how I used to do archaeology, I will never know) so I didn’t enjoy touching it. But thats what the sponge is for I guess! You can also use a beauty blender or a foundation brush, whatever suits your preference.

nomakeup lancome cushion post 2

Here I am with no makeup on, to show you the before and after. I look stoned, nay? The flash always makes me blink. Please also excuse my bloated face and nose, which balloon to gargantuan proportions when I’m pregnant.


Here is the after picture with one layer of the Lancome Miracle Cushion. Its quite an even base and it tones down my mild rosacea and redness. All good.


Here is the finished face, I used Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Concealer in 1 Fair, Tom Ford Golden Peach Eyeshadow, Suqqu Brow Pen in Brown, Loreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, Tom Ford Gold Dust Bronzer (review soon), TheBalm Cindy Lou-Manizer Highlighter, Tom Ford Pink Sand Cream Blush (review soon) and Tom Ford Plum Lush Matte Lipstick (hopefully will get off my ass and review soon too).

So, my first impression of the Lancome Miracle Cushion was very positive. It felt great on my skin, evened out my complexion, made my skin glow nicely, and it seemed like there was a decent amount of product for the price ($46.50). And the convenience factor of throwing it in your handbag for touch-ups was great. HOWEVER. Things went downhill after a few applications when it came time to clean the sponge. Cue my sponge story!

This sponge is said to be washable, so I decided to wash it when I did a massive brush cleanse a couple weeks ago. I use the Sigma SpaMat for these endeavors as its incredibly efficient. Now I am extremely gentle when I wash my brushes as the majority are squirrel hair and I would cry for days if anything happened to them. First I tried cleaning the sponge with my hands only but it literally did NOTHING. No product came out of the sponge whatsoever. So I used the SpaMat very very gently and it actually ripped the sponge in half! I was shocked! The sponge had to be thrown away, which eventually became a huge problem that ended up ruining this foundation. Since I was now without said sponge, I had to use a spare one from Ulta that didn’t fit the size of the case that well. I had to stuff the sponge in just a bit, checking to make sure that the case didn’t open up and dry out the cushion. It sealed. I thought nothing of it. Until a week later I went to use it again and it had somehow opened up very slightly and lost about 90% of its foundation. It had just dried up. I had even left the sticky part on top of the cushion, but it didn’t do any good. Major, major design flaw in my opinion! I would be curious to know if anyone else had issues with washing the sponge. I wish I had just not used the Ulta sponge and just used a beauty blender. 😦 Sadness!

Would I repurchase this? I’m not certain. It is a nice foundation, its sheer but very buildable without looking cakey which I absolutely love. But the cushion design is pretty high-maintenance and I’m pregnant with a toddler and I’m lazy and pressed for time on top of it, so I would rather use a regular foundation that I don’t have to mess around with, ya know? I can slap on Dior BB Cream or Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua for an equally nice finish. I would like to try the Laneige Cushion Foundation though, I’ve read that its better than the Lancome Cushion.

Have you tried this foundation? Did you have trouble with washing the sponge and/or the cushion part drying up?

Next up will be the Tom Ford Bronzers in Gold Dust and Terra and the blush in Pink Sand. Talk to you soon! 🙂