Be still my makeup heart…for Pat McGrath Lust 004 has arrived! Although, not without some serious website glitches and missing items from my order. But I will forgive Mother Pat, because she is an icon and I pretty much turn into a drooling idiot anytime I see her work.

Let’s jump right in!

I purchased the Vermillion Venom kit, which is a STUNNING collection of 5 items: 2 matte lipsticks, named Venom 1 and Venom 2, a gold pigment, a red glitter and a clear vinyl gloss.

Some people hate the packaging with the sequins but I love it, its unique and fun. Kinda hard to get a good picture because it reflects so much light from the camera but you get the picture below:



The packaging is cute in my opinion, although I did have to be careful not to spill the sequins around the kids. I very carefully dumped them in the trash! When you open the bag and somehow get rid of the sequins, you find all 5 products which I will give my thoughts on below.

Clear Vinyl Gloss: The only product I’m not a fan of in this kit. Its very gloopy, thick and totally destroyed any glitter I had on my lip. I had visions of gently dabbing the gloss on top of my perfectly glittered lips, like in her ads where it looks oh so effortless. All that happened was it took off the glitter and smudged the lipstick. Am I doing this wrong? Or is it just a crap product? I will continue to work with this. I did mix it with the gold pigment and its stunning. Molten gold lips! But the gloss made my lips feel like the moisture was being sucked out of them. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

Venom 1 Matte Lipstick: So, SO SO SO beautiful. This may be the most beautiful red lipstick that I own. Its brightening, so pigmented, a cool-toned red that is just so classy. Its very comfortable to wear and not drying like many matte lipsticks I own! I like the applicator, its thin enough to get a precise application but I found a lipbrush worked better. Get this one!!

Venom 2 Matte Lipstick: A darker, more plummy brown red. It didn’t suit my coloring as well as Venom 1. Its got a very 90s, gothic feel to me but in a modern way. Its quite beautiful with the glitter on top, which is how I would wear Venom 2. I probably wouldn’t wear it on its own much. I did try it as an ombre lip with Venom 1 and it looked really great though!

Gold Pigment: A beautiful medium gold pigment that can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, or mixed with the gloss to form a molten gold lipstick. I really like this product because its so versatile. Its insanely pigmented too, a little goes a long way. Its not too yellow of a gold which is great because its hard for me to pull off a yellow gold. Its more of a metallic gold and its metallic finish makes this more apparent!

Red Glitter: A beautiful red glitter that looks fantastic on top of Venom 1 and Venom 2 lipsticks. I prefer it with Venom 1, simply because I prefer a very bright, cool-toned red lip. But the brightness of the glitter contrasts so nicely with Venom 2 as well. I plan on wearing the red glitter lip to a Christmas party. A word of warning though: this glitter will get EVERYWHERE. It will get on your face, on your clothes, on your fingers, and if you eat with it, it will get on your food. I will try to set it next time with makeup setting spray to see if that makes a difference.



Drool. (I’ve put the red glitter on the top half of Venom 1 and Venom 2 to show you the difference!)

Now for the true test…how do they perform on the lips?

Venom 1:


Venom 1 with Glitter:


Venom 2:


Venom 2 with Glitter:


Vinyl Gloss with Gold Pigment (my husband started singing “Goldfinger” when he saw this):


I really love this set and I highly recommend that you get it before it sells out (I think most of it is sold out, but I’m hopeful for a restock).

I would also recommend buying it through Sephora (not affiliated!) because I had a horrible time with the Pat McGrath website. It took an hour to add it to cart and purchase the product because the site kept crashing. Finally I had 3 Vermillion Venom kits in my cart even though I only wanted 1 and miraculously it went through, but I only received 2 kits. It took her customer service 4 days to respond to me with a refund for the missing kit. It was a big hassle, and if you check her instagram page, many people had issues with her website and the packaging errors!

I’m very happy with this kit though, and as my first experience with a Pat McGrath product, I am very pleased! Let me know your thoughts if you’ve also purchased one of these! Have a good weekend!